Founded by the Anglican church and support from Montreal’s English-speaking community, the core mission of the Saint Margaret Residential Centre is to care for aging members of the community who are no longer able to function independently and whose safety and well-being are entrusted to us by their families.

Our focus is on providing care in a welcoming, secure and homelike environment tailored to individual needs. Our fundamental commitment to wellbeing and safety—shared by all staff and volunteers, as well as by each resident’s family—underlies all our policies and practices, as well as the design of our physical environment. We engage families as partners in care so that, even when they live at a distance, they feel welcome and included in life at the Centre.

The Saint Margaret Residential Centre receives its mandate and operating budget from the government. Funding for special projects comes from the Drummond Foundation, which has been supporting Saint Margaret since the days of the nuns.

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