Volunteers play a vital role in our long term care facility. Most participate during the weekdays, however, there are some who volunteer on weekends.

The following lists the volunteer opportunities that are currently available.

Recreation Activities offer opportunities for residents to socialize with others. Volunteers assist with the preparation and facilitation of indoor and outdoor activities (concerts, games, outings, barbecues, discussion groups, films, etc.) They accompany residents from their rooms to the activity area, socialize with residents and serve refreshments.

Day Centre: The day centre provides a day of stimulating activities for seniors living at home who have physical and/or cognitive deficits. The main goal of the day centre is to enable seniors to continue to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Volunteers assist staff with a wide range of individual and group activities.

Feeding Assistance: Due to physical disabilities or memory loss some residents require assistance to eat their meals. Volunteers can help with breakfast, lunch or supper any day of the week. Many volunteers opt to help in this capacity before or after assisting with a recreation activity.

Pastoral Care: Religious services and pastoral care is provided to the residents. Volunteers assist with the service and in bringing the residents to and from where the service is held.

Medical Escort: Volunteers provide companionship and support when they accompany residents to medical appointments. Transportation is provided by taxi or adapted bus. Volunteers do not use their own cars.

Friendly Visiting: Volunteers visit isolated residents. When a resident does not speak English or French, every effort is made to match the person with a volunteer who can speak the same language.

Weekends: Volunteers can help with recreational activities on the weekends. Volunteers need to work independently since recreational staff are not always on duty on the weekends.

Tuck Shop: Volunteers operate a concession stand where items such as coffee, chocolate bars, and toiletries are sold to the residents, guests and staff. 

Beauty Spa: Volunteers apply nail polish and give gentle hand massages to residents. The spa is held on Tuesday evenings.

One-time Activities: Volunteers help with tasks such as fundraisers, decorating the residences during the holidays, and accompaniment on group outings.

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